• poetrylance 10w

    //In the vastness and void
    Of this silence;
    I have understood the cosmos,
    That we both shared.
    In this vastness and void of silence,
    I have understood the love,
    That we once shared.
    May be,
    We don't talk much nowadays or
    Will not ever talk in future.
    The love we have shared once
    Is still in those COSMOS
    With realm's interconnected.
    No matter,
    What crisis we are facing off.
    You'll always with me,
    In your absence.
    You'll always with me,
    With your inevitable smiles,
    plenty of pungent promises and,
    Innumerable talks,
    Which may sound gibberish yet insightful,
    When engrossed quietly.
    You'll always with me,
    On the horizons of oblivion also.
    I have faith,
    On the crystals of my fate.
    Our realm is still interconnected
    Within this COSMOS.//

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