• inkstreet 10w


    In blazing sun,clothes well spun
    Gracing the land
    Are two feminine shadows..
    Shimmered in shades of red and blue..
    Eyes get stuck like a glue ...
    Filled with joys and chit chats of life..
    As if trying to breathe ..in the protrait a life..
    They are not inanimate ; rather living they are
    I wonder what they are sharing ..
    Moments sweet or sour?
    I wonder at the hands who have carved out
    these beings;
    Look at them! Oh just look at them!
    How graceful and serene ..
    Indeed it is I won't lie..
    It's a masterpiece..
    In every nook and corner ..the hands
    Have life.. breathed..
    I get struck by the beauty of sun
    By the solace of tree that shades...
    And the colorful souls in sand ..
    The wilderness they grace...
    - kunal@inkstreet