• crying_skiies 4w

    These days v are not living a life in which at the end of the day v can say yes my day was good or.i slept properly at nyt!!
    These days are like we always have something bad in day and if we talk about night ... do even teenage sleep? I dont think so..: its like 1-4 or 4-1 in the morning...!!��
    And most importantly, after all this when the night is spent like this morning is automatically scheduled under a threat to complete the chores on deadline! ��‍♀️ and ppl are actually helpless about it ��
    And then at last what is left is to blame their fortune to be bad!! Really tell me is it so ?
    Its the ppl who make the things worse and then they call it is as "oh my my, we got depression" where it is coming from ?? Have u ever thought if ppl would change their lifestyles and mantained their day and night structure well.
    Take care ppl .. its only you who can help yourself ����


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    Just a hope❤

    A day well spent
    A night well slept
    Oh this what all
    I dreamt...!!