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    Thank you my love whom I have lost . I know we are not together anymore but that doesn't mean I don't love uuh anymore. I still do nd not a bit less . I know the way we got separated was the worst but that doesn't mean I would curse you . I will never curse you dear because I know there wasn't only your mistake behind our separation. The only fact of that was , I tried a lot to keep you happy and satisfied but I couldn't. My efforts weren't enough for uuh. The beauty can't keep a man. The good character can't keep a man. U can only keep a man only if he really wants to be kept nd in my case u didn't want to be kept by my love. U felt suffocated when I texted uuh nd every time I broke a bit more. I have show u fell for me nd making efforts to keep me anyway. I have show you making time to feel me special nd beloved . But at the same time I have show you ignoring my texts , efforts . U was pushing me away from you and I was breaking in myself. There was a time arrive when those lovey duvey conversations had been replaced by silent zone. I was your girl my love ! How could u forget that I m just like uuuh. My principles are matters more than anything. That time I bounded by my principles. I might choose my self respect or you. And I chose self respect. That is what always remains same with me.i know life is not fair nd so you.
    Any relationship is a mutual commitment between two individuals. If relationship is mutual , then efforts must be put by both sides to make relationship work. I gave my 200% bt got nothing in return. I know love is all about to give not get. But in relationship u can't carry alone . I felt alone even when I was in relationship with you and that was the worst condition of my life.
    Now we are not together anymore but I will not curse you. I will always pray for you. If you are happy without me then I am happy in your happiness. Thank you for coming in my life . Bcuz of you I found a better myself . Now I have become more confident nd more mature than ever. I strongly believe that two individuals who are compatible for eachother is not always meant to be together. It is not necessary to entitlement of every bond . Some bonds are so amazing that u can't describe it in words . There is not that title that keeps your relationship , there is love and care for eachother that can keep a relationship. Entitlement Is not mandatory . Is it?

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    An open letter to my love whom I lost.