• indrakshi02 10w

    I hated myself,
    I hated God ,
    For what he has given me.
    Which I regarded as "shame"
    It lacked beauty,
    It was all ugly.
    It almost conquered half of my flesh..
    Making me feel like a
    I kept finding a way to hide it ,
    I was cursed,
    I used to bleed in pain .
    Look carefully
    there are so called "scars"
    Countless as the stars..

    I saw myself in the mirror ,
    But I never noticed that shine within me ..
    It's the scars that shine within me..
    I realised -
    It's my identity ..
    It's my own skin ..
    I have to live on it ..
    And why not it's beautiful ,
    It's beautiful in it's own way,
    Beautiful than the makeup anyway!