• chrismelodic 35w

    Opening Her Eyes

    Is this pain forever
    Is the question that enters
    Her mind
    And am I just better
    At being accepting
    Of being an interceptor
    Cause when I met her
    There was no pressure
    To have to measure
    Up with her lesser
    Evil of ex's that left her
    I was the professor
    Ready to test her
    More like contest her
    And be her contender
    In a ring of her depression
    That gives leverage
    To the things unexpected
    And did I mention
    That she knew I had this
    Immeasurable force
    Able to reach her conscience
    From a sub level door
    Establishing a rapport
    That left her mind needing much more
    That allowed for an evening
    of screaming and scoring cause
    Now she forgot her pain and self torture
    No longer stressing
    In a matter of seconds...
    She was asking for seconds..
    Undressed in my bed
    Completely off her x's..
    Who she may have been still texting
    Until she learned this lesson
    So I hope you can get the message
    Don't be stuck to the point where you won't let In someone cool, cause we all get hurt
    But it doesn't have to end with you
    In cruise control, in pain
    And it gets easier and easier each day.
    I'm just saying ... the pain
    Does not last forever, and
    With a little effort
    She was able to get better
    I was able to let her
    Get a built in forgetter
    By the way I was able to impress her.
    Hope this is something she can remember
    Whenever she ever let's pain tug on her
    Sweater, And the weather
    Is cold in December
    Hope she can let her
    Guard down
    And Let me mend her
    Heart now.
    Some of you may call this
    A rebound
    I call it opening her eyes
    So she can see now