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    I've been missing a part of me that I lost once
    I looked in every word I wrote in a special letter
    It says : teach me how to get over it for once
    I'll teach you how to get easy in for ever
    Show me how a tear could die before we taste it
    I'll show you how a smile could fade before things even get better
    Bring me the brightest star you could've seen
    I'll bring you the burning sun that I've always been
    Remind me of the happiest memories you had
    I'll remind you of what you had to do when you were sad
    Give me the precious thing you have beside life
    I'll make you what god would gift me, isn't it my wife?
    Every single word I wrote on that letter reminded me
    Of what the heart as lite as a feather used to be
    That the mind is hostage of a forbidden memory
    That the love is a sweet crime toward my destiny
    Teach me how to break the rule of love forever
    I'll show you the meaning of every single word in that letter.

    Photo : Pintrest
    Written by : @cjmarshallkay

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