• thesleeping__guy 33w

    The Principle of DUALITY...

    Neither did I asked her to PULL ME from the FRONT ,
    Nor did she PUSHED ME from the REAR .
    Neither did she KICKED me ,
    Nor did she PICKED me .
    Neither did she GLANCED me,
    Nor did she SPIED me.
    Neither did she CHUCKED me,
    Nor did she CHASED me.
    Neither was she ROMANTIC,
    Nor was he DRAMATIC.
    Neither was she SURPRISING,
    Nor was she BORING.
    Neither did she ROASTED me,
    Nor did she CRITICIZED me.
    Neither did she DICTATED me,
    Nor did she ADVICED me.
    Neither was she LURID,
    Nor was she BREEZY.
    Neither was she VALID,
    Nor was she ERRONEOUS.
    Neither was she HUDDLED,
    Nor was she ARRAYED.
    Neither was she CHUNKY,
    Nor was she LANKY.
    Neither did I asked her to PULL ME out ,
    Nor did she PUSHED ME in.
    Neither were we SYNONYMS,
    Nor were we ANTONYMS....!!!!!

    BUT still i was GORGONIZED..... !!!!

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    The Principle ......