• dante_vialdores57 30w

    Time For You 5/29/2017

    I've written so many words
    So many words
    I look back on a certain kind
    That were meant for you
    Just had to make sure time & effort
    In this present time
    The more I write for you
    The more I realize it's not a want
    But a need of writing for you
    Because I never thought this would
    Happen to me
    I believed "loner" would be the title
    I would forever hold
    I jumped to conclusion to soon
    And now you're here for me
    Waking up hearing your words of love
    Filled with encouragement and truth
    That something that's hard to get
    In this world
    So know every morning
    Every afternoon
    Every night
    Every chance I have
    I am here for you