• cynically 31w

    I blink away tears
    ignoring my constricted heart.
    The chained feeling
    gnawing away at me.
    I brush away the moisture
    my eyes drifting away
    to the time when
    you and I were something. Anything.

    And yet again I fail
    to calm your resonating voice.
    I play your favourite track
    and lose myself in it.
    My hand resting on my heart
    praying for another start.

    Your words flash
    in front of my moistened orbs.
    I crumble down on the floor
    inhaling vehemently
    wishing for a dawn
    that could actually cure me.
    Or you.
    Or us.

    #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    Wishing for a dawn

    that could cure me.
    Or you.
    Or us.