• alisdaire_ocaoimph 9w

    O' Weary, dreary

    O weary dreary darkened Soul
    That lost upon iniquity casts
    The blasts
    Of its being, screening its screaming
    From all that around would know
    Yet would fears the show
    Of this temporal beast within
    That filled with guilt and sin
    Wears the guise of peace.
    O dark the homage plays itself
    Decorates its adieu in wealth
    And dances around in health
    Like the many that wear the mask
    Its task to destroy, force down
    Where ever liberty of truth is found
    To drown from pious lips the cries
    Of the tormented bringer of death flies
    Past the sworn union of being
    Into the shards dark in dealing
    With the holocaust of man

    Alisdair O'Caoimph