• shagunwrites 6w

    Falling in love is a beautiful process , isn’t it ? You’ve known the person as person , no masks or any kind of fakeness . Then as you grow together . You no longer cease to be just person to one another . The things you do together are no longer just things . Like the way he runs his hand through his hairs . Pursuing his lips before saying your name . You notice small things.......Like in the middle of eating he’d gently squeeze your hand under the table . You’ll trace the stitchings in the collar of his shirt and slowly sliding your hands inside to trace the valleys of his collarbones . You’ll notice how his eyes light up while reading something inspiring and complex because simple is just not his taste . You prefer the raw and hurtful poetry and metaphors but like your taste , but like your taste you’ll sugarcoat it . But you guys make it work . His firm strict hand holding your lighter ones are like ying and yang . That’s what you two are . You no longer listen to his voice like you used to . You notice the way he unintentionally emphasizes on your name yet it rolls off his tongue as smoothly as his kisses . You no longer just spend time together . You inspire each other . You argue! You fight! And you miss each other like crazy . As friends you didn’t give a fuck if you didn’t talk two weeks straight . But now , two days is a hell of a long time . And it drives you insane and it’s just the beginning . As much as you fear what you can’t predict , you won’t have it any another way . Because the way his arms lace around your waist , his fingertips brushing the exposed skin , pulling you to the comfort of his chest . It’s worth facing your fears .