• genevievemei 20w

    The rain falls on the roof in harmony,
    A soft melody that nature sings.
    A calming feeling and an eased heart,
    The coolness of the air was perfect for penning.

    There was also a soothing jazz,
    And the smell of coffee no less.
    The lovely aroma and the jazzy music,
    It gave the writer an idea to pen.

    But something to her had felt off,
    Like there was a flaw to be found.
    Looking over to the other people around,
    She had found the last piece of the puzzle.

    Walking over to the friendly barista,
    "One latte for the lovely lady?" he asked.
    She smiled and took her drink after,
    And she could finally put pen to paper.

    In her little world she was in,
    She wrote all her feelings down.
    There was no one other than her,
    And it gave her inner peace at last.

    When she penned her final letter,
    She smiled at her finished chapter.
    She went to the door and to the barista,
    "Lovely ambience, I will come again."


    "And thus, the writer had finished her novel. And it was all thanks to the ambience and peace. She had found her peace, and was happy."

    10th October, 2019

    #café #ambience #rain #coffeeortea #pod

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