• matista 5w


    The air was filled with the scent of dust,
    dry air conditioning, passionate emotions.
    She settled violin on her shoulder,
    Closed her eyes and said quietly,
    "Elohim, Essaim... Elohim, Essaim... I implore you..."

    Start was good, we had picked 'Introduction and Rondo capriccioso'.
    I was able to hear the notes,
    treading slowly on the keys.

    And she started showing her true colours.
    Embracing the sheets of saints,
    to the limits that she claimed the melody her own.
    I moved my eyes through the audience,
    there lied grey ghost of my mother.

    I panicked, it will happen over.
    The notes started vanishing,
    Sound of my piano, I couldn't hear it.
    "As if I am at the bottom of a dark sea,
    there is no one here,
    It's dark.. It's dark..I am going to be all alone."

    I was going out of sync.
    Piano was wrecking the performance.
    I was pounding the keys so hard.
    Why?.. Why?.. Why?..

    I stopped playing, looked down, closed my eyes tightly.
    Audience was detesting the display.
    "If I keep playing, I will only make trouble for you."
    Even she stopped playing.

    I heard someone saying,
    "She is so cool, no need to accompany that awful accompanist.."
    She looked back,
    "I told you I am going to play with everything I have got. AGAIN."

    May be there is only dark road up ahead,
    but you still have to believe and keep going.
    Believe that the stars will light your path,
    even a little bit.
    I just listened, my fingers were stiff from fright still couldn't move.
    I questioned, What was it that you saw in me?

    The memory of her face so close,
    telling me "You and I are going to do it.Look up, look at me"
    flashed in front of my eyes.
    I exclaimed," Brace yourself".
    Still the sound, out of sync.
    Focus... Focus... Focus...

    I remembered my mother, "Don't play so violently, piano is you.
    If you touch it gently, it will smile. All right again".
    I was not even looking at the keys,
    My attention was stuck on her,
    how was she pacing on the strings of .

    My face was dripping with sweat,
    born out of fear as well as untiring attempts to come in sync with her.
    She thought," Don't you dare steal my thunder friend A".

    Are you kidding me, eyes widened and sparkled, mouths gaped.
    We were both out of control, it was like a brawl.
    The audience was entranced by that brawl.

    "She moves me, with such a power.
    Yes, I can hear, but it's your sound not mine."
    Bravo! Encore!