• theoriginal90sbaby 5w


    The New America is a decadent culture of death, violence and perversion. Our economy is finally catching-up with all the treasonous theft over the past century. All of the welfare social programs have bankrupt our nation, just as they were intended to do. The globalist banking cartel is sucking our economy dry, taking everything they can. Money will one day be blowing in the streets worthless. A lot of people still have spending money to flood Wal-Mart and stock their shelves, but at the same time homelessness and welfare are at an all-time high. Illegal immigrants are here to stay, bringing down real wages because most of them work for much less than minimum wage. They can't even speak English and have no intentions of learning our language. This is the New America and it stinks. I'm all for legal immigration, but illegals ought to be exported.