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    "Smoking is Injurious to Health".

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    "Why my 2am thoughts are so complicated?"
    I said myself Holding the cigarette box
    Staring at the last doobie
    Searching for the lighter
    "I think I lost it again, its my favourite she gave me. Why do you have to bring her in every thing gosh!".
    Found it in the left pocket
    It was engraved with my Initials 'DS'.
    I light up the last doobie
    Closing my eyes inhaling the darkness
    A Crooked smile ran over my face
    " Do I look like Chandler while smoking?"
    Every inhale light up the Dark room with Tiger Orange leaving grey and black ashes of memories behind.
    I hear voices of silence, colours popping
    Leaving trails of a entity unknown to humans. Inside my head neurons started to fire
    Hold a little longer, I will save you
    I took my phone opened ITunes and played
    'The Shadow of Your Smile'
    Throwing myself in the bed, closed my eyes as the lullaby played in the background, thoughts came to an end.