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    You always know
    Deep down
    When it is time
    When you meet her
    Or when you meet him
    That fluttering setting into motion
    And the weakness in your knees
    And you might deny it
    For as long as you may
    But deep down you know
    Just when it starts.

    It always starts with a casual smile
    Or a crush
    Or a fight
    Or an unforgivable
    And you say no
    Disagree with your heart
    Saying it's too soon
    Or too late
    To fall the way you did
    When and how you did
    But its not now isn't it?

    You knew exactly when it happened
    When her smile meant so much more
    And her eyes spoke tales beyond your years
    You knew when he was too important
    Too much
    For you
    To simply just

    But you do anyways
    And when you accept
    That it was time
    That he was the knight you waited for
    And the princess you wished to rescue
    From the first time you knew what love is
    It's late
    Too late to fight
    To make a gesture
    She no longer is there
    Waiting in line
    And she too has made a mistake
    Of falling into the arms
    Of the wrong half
    And if it so happens
    She finds love
    It won't be as great
    As that
    That would have formed
    With the right half
    The same one that tossed her
    For greener pastures.

    How ironic isn't it?
    And truly woeful
    That this pattern will go on
    Till the end of time
    For no matter how any times
    The lesson taught
    We never hear
    We never see or understand
    How at risk we put
    All that we hold dear.

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