• thousandwaves 11w

    I LOVE YOU !

    You made me feel so special,
    I hv so much feelings for you,
    At night I had no one,
    But you made my dream come true.
    Your song which came from heart, and listening to the guitar strings,
    This was the special most happiest moment of my life,
    Oh plss..come on take the credit!

    You made me feel so loved,
    I forgot my own sleep,
    You made me feel so good,
    Made me feel complete,

    Have no words to express everytime
    I see you, but I know for this friendship to last long, the only thing I crave is "the need to be with you"
    Unconditional acceptance with no expectations,
    Still there are exceptions like you,
    You are the most loved one by me,
    oh Handsome,
    You already know I love you...

    I love you means a word with million feelings
    Without restrictions,
    A man & woman with no attitude and ego,
    Helps maintain relations♥️...