• besty__varghese_ 34w

    How does it feel to be a girl??

    And one day I asked myself, "how does it feel to be a girl??" I should be honest with myself. I raised my eyebrows, paused for a moment and thought faintly.. I shouted out  cheerfully," Well.., it's pretty cool!!".. And i heard my inner voice chocking. I am lying. Suddenly i saw my senses falling into fear-stricken pit holes. So deep they were. "To be a girl...",i thought. Now more deeply. Random fragments of news headlines flashed through my mind...

    "Gang rape in city heart...",city they said and being a small town girl makes me safe. I smiled with a sigh of relief . 

    "A 16 year old girl from Suryanelli village of idukki district in kerala was abducted and gang raped by 5 persons repeatedly over 40 days..." Did I hear village?? 

    But may be they are just into teenagers. "So my teenage should be a watchful time..", i warned myself. I should not wear skinny outfits that may display the exotic bulges; as it may seem to them , of my body,i should not travel alone cause I am not capable of handling myself, i should not hangout with boys cause who knows they might turn crooked and start noticing that my body was growing, i should not step out of my house after 6 in the evening cause by the time the sun hides it's glaze from me and spreads darkness over petty minds.

    So here I was completely convinced that my teenage would be a cautios pace and once it's over i will be free. And while preparing for this freedome i heard it once more.."Rape of 8-months-old baby sickens india..." , "Priest arrested for rape of 70 - year - women in kerala.." 

    Now that was a shock to my nerves. It was hard to digest. Are they on a hunt for female bodies ?? So I have to accept it now. The truth gave out a loud bitter roar . I shut my ears tight, mustered up some courage and gently whispered to my frightened soul,"You have inherited the features of a girl fetus from your parents,Be brave!!! You have to protect your vagina from your mother's womb to the funeral tomb..." It was all clear now . How does it feel to be a girl?? I tried to hide my tremors behind a fake smile . I promised myself never to ask it once more.., "How does it feel to be a girl..??