• dummyy 9w


    Your memories still gave me a heartache,
    I don’t know why i still vist these memories of yours,
    I don’t remember you much its been quite a while,
    But i could not forget how pleased you make me feel,
    I can’t forget how love felt with you,
    It was heartbreaking,
    But you long gone,
    And i moved on,
    I walked ahead thinking you did that a long time ago,
    Yet i am here thinking that did you?
    I know the answer, you did.
    And so do i,
    Though, I can’t move on from this feeling of you,
    Every time i am in this melancholic of mine,
    I thought of it’s your doing,
    If it is,
    I want you to stop this,
    Its saddening,
    I care for me, i care for my others,
    And most i want is to care for someone new,
    That someone new,
    I am unspeakable off,
    New, who i want to let in,
    Yet i am afraid of all this alchemy that new may bring,
    Yet I wanted that for me,
    To be cure of me and heal me completely,
    But now i fear happiness,
    Fear for my sake,
    Fear to be heart broke again,
    In my fears i wish to feel that love again,
    I wanna give myself a chance again,
    And i know for the love to come,
    Its okay to feel a little sad now.