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    Some like speaking with exchange of eyes,
    Some like speaking with kindness of action,
    Some like speaking with the fabric of lies,
    Some like speaking with the power of passion,

    But the best one's are when you open your mouth,
    To create a vibration using resonation,
    To sew those sweet melodious words through meadows of valleys south,
    To make something out of air and call it your own creation.

    To continue aerating those words for long enough,
    For it to be called a long exchange of quiver sounds "a conversation",
    To share things dwelling in one's mind of wonders is tough,
    But with the help of these fascinating words they are called communication.

    To speak with delightfully dangerous daggers,
    To make the person in front of you consider their choices,
    It is enchanting to see how our minds were capable of creating such bewitchings .
    What a wonderful feeling when we realize we have our own voices.