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    Big brother and little sister

    There were little joyfulness,
    You are being a part of me since birth,
    I can't leave you cause' you're a prince, forth;

    There is a share of the same blood,
    That runs through our vein,
    You clinched me a life without pain.
    Ugh, even then I flinched with an error,

    There is a share of same annoyance,
    As you imitate me being terror,
    That irritates me to treat unfairer,
    Eventually, seeing you as a great giant angry warrior,
    I cry all in all as a barrier.

    There is a share of the same surname,
    Which makes me feel like fame.
    You are the sunshine beneath the cold dawn,
    I now frontline without a frown.

    There is a share of the good old memories,
    You've constructed a blanket house,
    That has abrupted me to cherish,
    These memories will not perish.

    Moreover, you'd break my toys and dolls,
    Since I used to torture you,
    And the time flies,
    Now you broaden my aim.

    There is a share of the same kindness,
    You play cricket as a young man,
    I annoyingly want to play the same as such as you,
    You will roam with your friends,
    Then I will get jealous of them,
    I will cry recklessly to make you sit at home beside me with creepy chuckles.

    Mommy becomes prouder of your accomplishments,
    Then I sob "Am I even worthless for her compliments?"

    Above all, you are my brother not by an option,
    But you are God's gift for our perfection,

    A talented brother who brought out the brilliance, within his little girl;
    She will always carry her diligence,

    She is the little girl, who has written this for him.
    Brothers are to annoy, still, she'll love you forever.

    Perhaps, your wedding day has come,
    It's been a blessing without any guessing,
    I'm glad that these two minds will keep everyone impressing.

    ©Muthulakshmi Mahesh