• smartsam 9w

    Life a Chess!

    Chess is not just
    the game of moves.
    But even time & others
    move has hidden clue.

    Queen has power but always
    not the foremost.
    Great can be accomplished
    even by a pawn in burst.

    Even people in life
    cross your path.
    Just like bishop that
    keeps hiding wrath!

    Rook has power
    unlimited steps it show.
    Whatever comes ahead
    out of board it can throw!

    Knight is really quite confusing.
    Like agents uncertain
    formidable waiting!

    The wrath of queen
    can crush any & all.
    Except the king
    she is no small.

    Rook is heavy
    makes unlimited moves.
    If it's way is clear
    victory it can prove!

    As for the pawn
    mere step it takes.
    History has proven
    no matter how meager
    with great victories
    it permeates!

    Even if its king afore
    it can be defeated!

    Most pieces in chess
    have two faces.
    Be careful in life hence
    people pretending silent
    but in real bad ways!

    Thus in life my friend
    beaware of such.
    Many seem silent but are fake just in wait you to crush!

    Not just moves but
    time also matters!
    Just a fraction of moment
    can overturn platter!

    Yet many rival & foes
    can suddenly obligate.
    Winover the board game
    in a fraction by checkmate!

    Hence foreguage the moves
    be careful of vying crooks.
    Take step wise in life
    protect your queen & rooks!

    Life no less resembles
    game of chess.
    May you always win.
    Take right steps
    May god Jehovah almighty
    Always you bless!