• anam96 10w

    Today I want to say my heart out as a doctor
    We all are very much aware of today's condition. We all also know who are the true ones fighting on the front line. But still there are some or I should say everyone who are backlashing doctor's for something or the other which they don't know neither they have seen. Have you all thought at least one time how we are going through or from what we are going through? Have you ever consider that we do also have our family? Older generation there who are accusing doctor's for something which they don't know themselves,have you ever consider that children of your child's age are fighting there outside when you don't think of letting your child out? We at the age of 23-24 have the responsibility to save a life....yes we do agree we have taken the oath....yes we do agree we have taken vows to save lives....but is it right for all of you to backlash and accuse us???? Many people who are accusing the doctors by saying that they are not doing their job properly,that they are not treating correctly.....let me ask you....is your knowledge which you gain from Google or any social media more than us....who have studied and experience about all of this??? Is this only responsibility of doctors or any health care worker to fight against this deadly disease alone????
    Let me share you a my personal experience..
    I am posted in covid opd where I have to attend and admit the patients suffering from covid. There was a old women of age 64 yrs suffering from cough from 1 month. She has a history of hypertension and diabetes from 10 yrs. She came to me with complaints of cough and breathlessness. When I checked her saturation level it was just 51%. Saturation level below 90% is consider serious and need oxygen inhalation. After doing routine check-up she was diagnosed with pneumonia and covid positive.....a serious condition for the co-morbid patient. When I talked to her son asking why she didn't took treatment for cough he feigned ignorance by saying that they thought it will get heal by itself. Now let me ask you if this patient who is considered as serious die...is it fault of doctors or themselves??? How can you expect to treat someone whom you are bringing in critical condition??? We are humans...we don't have magic...we will try our level best to save them...but don't you think if this patient would have taken care of that cough 1 month back would be not this much serious now???
    I believe that before accusing someone for something which you have only heard or seen on any social media...don't know the exact situation...don't know what is the actual truth should not accuse or declare them guilty. Doctors are also humans.....they also have emotions.
    Please don't accuse them or threatened them with something you don't know or understand. Every doctor is trying their best to serve...please respect them and acknowledge them.