• simplicityy 23w


    I hide in her bosom at nights
    when cold disrupts my sleep
    for there isn't no warmth
    than the smell of her flesh

    To me I'm grown enough to
    or solve problems on my own
    but here's a psychologists
    who reads and knows it all
    with just a listen to my voice

    Oko mi, she would say
    no matter how tiny the worries are
    tell it all to me, I'm always here
    though she told me to live like she's never existed
    for it may not be long, I cried!

    Who's this annoying goddess
    that never stop caring no matter how hard?
    Who's she who wants me to grow but
    doesn't still understand I'm grown?
    Who's she that clears my fears
    with just her presence?
    Mother! The Moremi of my life