• humanfly 6w

    Goodbye Life

    Done writing
    Worn out from fighting
    Once I was the the lightning
    Now just the dust grains of desert remains
    My burdens betray the pain I am in everyday
    My chaos a curse
    I dream everyday to be released from this verse
    I know though, I must take a step first
    Also my last
    I let go of the world I once so tightly grasped
    I beg as my final moments approach
    Pray her memories are not to be poached
    Let me see her one last time as I cross the finish line
    Thoughts of us relaxing, smoking weed and drinking wine
    Laughing of all the good times
    Dreaming for one more night
    Until I had the will to say
    It's okay to let go today
    Now to myself these words, I say
    Thank you to those that have taken the time
    To read the thoughts of a troubled mind

    ©Snehal Roymedhi