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    (Avi's POV)

    "But I wonder what will Ravya say when she will look me with you?" I asked.
    "Oh my love! You are so navie. She doesn't even matter. I hated her whenever I saw you talking to her. But I knew that she will leave you because she can't fall for anyone. She is totally money minded and she don't believe in long term relationship."

    "Does that mean she liked me just for money?"
    "Yes. But she didn't want to break up with you. Coz' she knew you are the richest boy in our school. But fortunately to me, you saw her with another boy and I am so happy that you broke up with her instantly." Rubi chuckled.

    But all this new information, hit me hard. I thought that Ravya still love me and she will come to me to apologise and I would forgive her instantly. But after hearing all this, I am feeling sad. Those memories with her seems all fake. I thought she love me for real but everything was just for money. Just thinking all this is making me sick to my stomach.

    "And what about you? Do you also abducted me just to get my money? I know you are her friend, so you must be like her!" I hissed.

    She said smilingly," I know you are in pain after knowing all the truth about her. But my love! As I said don't compare me with her. I am as rich as you are! If I wouldn't have been wealthy, I would have asked for your money rather than your love!"

    I don't believe her. She is her friend and she is also a liar.

    "Okay! I believe in you. Please do me a favor."
    "Yes, yes! Tell me what you want!"
    "Please untie my hands. These chains are hurting me badly. I swear I will not try to run away from you. Just untie my hands."
    "No, I can't...I will not...I don't believe in you..you..you will run away from me."
    "I am saying I will never run away from you. Just untie these already!"
    "No, never!"

    "Okay, then never say that you love me because if you had loved me, you would have done whatever I am saying. You don't love me!" I said aggressively.

    "No, no! That's not truth, I love you, I love you with my everything. Please believe me!" She panicked.
    "How can I ? When you don't believe me, how can I believe in you! You are a liar. You also want my money just like your friend."

    "Shhh...stop it. Okay, I will untie you but promise me you will not run away from me"
    "Yes, I promise!"

    She started untieing my hands. Yes, my Oh God! Thanks a lot, now I will be able to run away from here!

    The moment she untied my hands, I pushed her with my whole strength and run towards the basement staircase. I was just a step close to the first floor but suddenly the door closed.

    "What do you think babé? I am a fool? I don't know what's on your mind? My love! I know everything about you! Your movements, your lies, your truth, your secret, your smile, your cry...I freaking know EVERYTHING! I knew you would do something like this."

    "Just shut up! You do not know anything about me. I am going to escape from here even if I had to broke the doors or this room." Saying this I started breaking chairs of the room.

    "Stop misbehaving Avi! You will not be able to escape from me even if you get out of here."
    "What? What do you say? I will report you to the police, you murderer!" I shouted at her in full range.

    At this, she pushed some button near the wall and the door opened.
    "Now go and report me! Report your father also because he is also a killer like me, he also murdered someone."

    What did she said? Is she insane or something like that. And why am I believing in her, I should just run away from this psycho.
    "I have evidence against your father. I will show it to the police the moment you reported me. Actually no, I will get them viral on social platforms so that your family reputation will go down instantly. And your father would die with some heart attack."

    I stilled in my place. I couldn't move or run away from there.
    "What happened my love! I told ya, I know everything about you and your fate is entangled with mine. YOU BELONG TO ME."

    She started laughing hysterically.
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