• rashi100108 23w


    At the hour 's break
    Let's decide the stakes
    And call the opinion to war

    If you felt like the views
    Hinder your thoughts
    I might have thought might not

    The line draws over how much
    Is the question about search
    Might leave me in a blinded lurch

    My perspective has nothing to
    Do with knowledge gap
    For experience takes up after a nap

    At last it's not guns and roses
    Or a volley of fire it is like
    Words of theft and admire

    Me being humble and novice
    Has still lived a life but
    But ready to learn in fire

    Acceptable or not I might be me
    And you must be you ..
    Hail the Almighty cause he is Thee

    Call him existent or not ...
    Symbolic or prevalent worry not
    Your conscience will wrestle a match

    To whether He..is there or not.