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    'How can I stop being hard on myself?'

    Honestly,I'm not an expert when it comes to self-love,but as someone who's going through this phase recently in my life,I have no hesitation sharing it with you guys.

    Self-love is not so easy,but it's not that hard too,it just requires patience.
    Firstly,pinpoint the real reasons for your self-deprivation/low self esteem.
    This might seem a bit too hard on you,but if I ask you to state all your insecurities,I'm sure the list will be real long.

    Now,most of your insecurities might include your weight,your height,your waist size,face shape etc.
    95% of your insecurities will only and only be physical traits.
    And that's fair on everyone's part,as such you might think there's no thing as 'emotional insecurity',but oh,there is.
    I might not give the best of me on talking about physical insecurities,but keeping in mind 'emotional insecurities',I'm no less than a guru.

    Anyway,this paracetamol part includes your physical insecurities.
    First off,you can NEVER satisfy the societal standards and criteria of a 'perfect woman/man'
    because there's no such thing as perfect.
    Second,learn to not pretend to be good or dressed up in the latest fashion trends for the sake of other people,do it ONLY for yourself.
    Third,learn to detach yourself from everything people say about you,in the end,does it matter?

    I cannot stop myself from mentioning this that 'your body is mortal,your soul isn't.'
    Why be a toy in people's hands by fulfilling every standard they set,when you can achieve your inner peace and satisfaction within yourself?

    And remember,do not let people around you control you,you are your own controller and creator.
    Infact,nobody can control what your soul,your subconscious holds,you control everything around you and that will lead us to another topic: 'manifestation',but thats quite a feast for another day because it's complex and not many people get it.
    Anyway,hope I helped atleast one person out there.


    Sorry for posting late,down with cold and fever��

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