• sirabhinavjain 5w

    The Unhurried Traveller

    He steps out from the dark
    Moulded by the darkness
    And approaches noiselessly.
    A figure, figure-less
    A presence present
    In an abstract form of absence
    'Cos he is not here yet, technically.

    He drags the darkness after him
    That seems to gather
    Just behind his silhouette
    Like the hush after a collapse.
    It takes care not to overstep the line
    For he must go first.
    He is awaited.

    The heat beat, heavy with the years
    Keeps a cautious count of his steps
    Missing a hit and two more
    Every time he dawdles,
    Every time he seems to lunge
    As if to swallow the uneasy span
    Between his approach and his host.

    He wouldn't hurry though, he knows
    His footsteps are numbered and timed.
    Life, holding onto itself by a thread
    Of disquiet knows too
    That nothing occurs out of turn,
    Nobody jumps the queue.
    Not even Death.