• nam_oti 9w

    What are you proud of?

    Beauty that you are proud of today
    is getting expired tommorow.
    That white skinny face,
    you're always worried about
    Will also get wrinkled soon.

    Why are you so choosy?
    Among foods, fashion or people.
    Body you maintain today
    Is never going to stay the same forever.
    Dude ! What are you proud of?

    Time you spend on getting ready
    Getting ready for someone who doesn't even care.
    Do you even know that "Time Flies".
    People change.
    What are you proud of ?

    Wealth you show off today
    Is also going to finish off tomorrow.
    This beautiful life you are wasting
    On shitty things remaining frustrated
    Is also going to end up soon.
    What are you proud of?

    Are you still elevated by your exterior beauty
    Which has its expiry date ?
    Self love is excellent but remember
    Tearing people down with your words and actions
    For satisfying yourself isn't self love.