• megzie_ssyk 5w

    That Day

    I remember the day I met this shameless one,
    Humorous, whacky and smiling a ton.
    It was at a seminar for awareness,
    Little did I know that what started with a "hello miss"
    Would be the path to befriend him.
    I can say, what started at a whim,
    Would end with a burger and a balloon missing
    To be fair, so was the pair of earring.
    The day was unplanned and
    The tempo not on hand
    Yet somehow we made it and talked the whole time
    Talking, joking, teasing, a dozen, a dime.
    Nothing extraordinary, yet it holds dear,
    Hope in the future, it comes just as near.
    And so ended the day, fading to text...
    Oh I do wonder what we'll do next?