• marceltekwa 9w


    Alethea is first of the two
    And I genuinely love her too
    Our love is pure and true
    In spite of the hell we go through

    Alethea loves me even in misery
    How she never left me still a mystery
    Some days we sleep hungry
    But Alethea never gets angry
    She is always so tender
    And she would sing to me even in hunger
    We stay through hell or high water
    Through hot Summer or cold Winter

    Then along comes Jane Carmilie too
    She has everything multiplied by two
    From the wealthiest of families
    The are called the "Billionaire Carmilies"

    Jane falls deeply in love with me
    She says I charm her by just being me
    Jane is sweet, smart and witty
    It is her who takes me to the city
    There I enjoy the sweetest of luxury
    And forget all bitterness and lackery
    She turns my sorry story around
    And in marble halls I now abound

    But each night is excruciating
    For I can't stop meditating
    Who really should I marry
    For no longer can I afford to tarry

    Alethea whom I love dearly
    Or Jane who clothes me daily
    Alethea or Jane? The painful dilemma
    I just can't crack this enigma