• shadowyhaze420 45w


    It's terrible to say,but I have lost my way. Going down a road,I've never drove
    Thinking back to the turn that brought me down my dark an lonely back road.
    Looking for someone to blame,I know that's lame to say,but soon I realize I have nothing to say,nobody's there just myself to blame.

    I look for a way to stay awake,as im
    Driving down these unknown roads stuck in time.
    Looking for a sign so I can change my evils ways an make it back to the bright lights of my highway

    Lost in life, with barely any light.
    My headlights are dim an vaguely
    blinking, barely shedding any light.
    Praying to God,please allow your glow to show
    So I can finally find peace.
    An I place I can call home.