• tiwayu 31w

    did the Gods cry?

    Did they weep against their stone bindings,
    Did they bang their head against their cold buildings
    Did they slit their hands at all,
    or chafe their wrists raw against the walls
    that held her in place
    Did any tears drop, where her blood poured, in that very space
    Did their dried up blood boil?
    Do they now deserve to be worshiped in that soil?
    Did gravel run down their faces,
    Will they ever resurrect from the ashes
    Will they ever be able to survive
    Will they diminish under the grief of what their names brought to life
    Will they ever be able to forgive themselves
    Will they now ask, to keep faith in them?
    Did they try to help,
    Did they pull against the prayers wrapping around their ankles,
    Did they listen to the screams of the angels
    Did they fight for what they saw,
    Did they allow them to eat her raw
    Did their hearts tense under the weight
    of knowing that yound blood was spilled
    To quench a thirst they never pronounce
    To the thought that a holy life was lost
    To some blood hungry hounds
    The girl never lost life in the temple,
    The temple lost the God when the girl tremble.

    ©A T