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    I remember how I felt,
    When our 40 soldiers were dead,
    It was hitting me like a leather belt,
    And to their family like someone have cut their head,

    Above 100 is the range,
    With this in the life of their family there is a change,
    All of them who are dead,
    After all the prayers they made
    Was there even a thought to this they will be led?,

    Injuries are above 700 there,
    I wonder humanity is where?
    Are they even given any care,
    Because after all this I think humanity has become a virtue very rare,

    650 people are arrested,
    'Were they criminal' was this fact even tested?,
    For their families I pray,
    For all the inhuman behavior they are offered in a tray,

    Well, a crime considered so normal,
    48 women according to the reports were raped,
    To just tolerate all the aggression they are trapped,
    Well, crisis can lead to such crime immoral,

    The topic mostly hidden,
    Men are even not forbidden,
    With 6 men rape it has started,
    Well with this fact to people are downhearted,

    1000 are missing in this situation,
    Away from family in such condition,
    Trapped in an expectation,
    Here and there nobody knows they are standing on which station,

    And to all the children,
    Who don't even know where to run,
    We are sorry you in such a stay,
    When your age is to enjoy and play,

    Grandparents who had there last days,
    Thought of enjoying them in every ways,
    Hope you can accept the facts,
    We are sorry to offer you this in constant stake,

    A common citizen.


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