• riyabharadwaj 23w


    Appreciation is a very big thing.
    Your Mom wake up early morning and makes your breakfast , Iron your clothes, makes your favourite food in your tiffin after doing all those things they wake you up and you react as "whats your problem maa why don't u let me sleep" but your innocent mom wake up just for you. If she used to sleep like a panda which you actually do then you will never reach in time to your school/college/office and you have to go hungry and there will be no tiffin lunch for you. You always have so many complains why you wake me up at early morning? Why did you make this which i don't like to eat? Why u call me 100 times when i go to late night parties with my friends? Why u shout at me everytime to STUDY STUDY STUDY? Why u don't let me live my freedom of life? But you never see the good intension behind it. Your life will be become worthless if your mother will not be there with you. They do and say everything just for your happiness. They care for you even more than you. They do everything so selflessly for you without complaining and expecting something from you. But sometimes they wish that there children appreciate them for whatever they do! Appreciate them for doing all this things for you 24*7 without taking salary without having any holidays..#appreciate_must --- Riya bharadwaj