• neelaanjana 11w


    I believed in the myths...
    I was scared of hell and heaven,
    That broken you which went missing,
    Those little lies I told,
    Reminded me of the after life in hell.

    I grew up to the world of words,
    I started reading everything.
    But when I left those textbooks behind,
    They stopped me from reading.
    I began reading in fear.

    I grew up with my cousins,
    Everyone had their siblings.
    They were far from each other.
    I had no one to lean on.
    There began , the fear of being lonely.

    I grew up to the age of trouble teens,
    Everyone had a love story...
    Everyone was admired but I wasn't...
    Braces, long oily hair plaited into two
    Gave way to fear of being not loved.

    I grew up to life,
    Uncertain and ongoing,
    Inevitable changes and mind battles,
    Now that I know life,
    Fear of life engulfs me.

    Deep inside, I never wanted to grow up.
    I am aware of the phases left,
    I am scared of the life ahead.
    Fear makes it dead.
    Life is to live.

    Breathe once again...
    Smiling at life,
    Find the soul within,
    And read yourself.
    Life will find you.