• dreamlandsimyeyes 5w

    Don't find me!
    On the roads of your heart
    Where bashful winds blow
    Where heart bossoms
    And river lilies flow.

    Don't find me !
    In the ball
    Where first eyes met
    Where the golden road started
    And fell with a cleft.

    Don't find me!
    In those frames
    That spoke once for love
    The coffin shall ever be closed
    With a shadow of thy dove.

    Don't find me !
    In the mere gardens
    Where roses bloomed
    The trees covered my heart
    Now covered with vines, dark and gloom.

    Don't find me!
    In the bottom of your heart
    The sun has drown
    In The shadow of Troilus
    And young Cressida walks
    In the stairs hell folks

    - AB