• rage_infine 10w

    One tale of love

    She was standing on the edge of the roof, thinking of ending her life and release herself from pain and to clear up the burden she gave to people. No one was there with her at those dark times, still she wished to be saved.
    And he came all of a sudden not knowing what was going to happen, unaware of situation going on. At the moment when he saw her standing at the edge, he screamed "STOP!! ", but she was in the peak of pain from where nothing is to be heard. He ran with all strength to save her.
    She jumped down and she closed her eyes. She knew there's no coming back now. But he quickly hold her hand and try to pull her up, at that time he pray to God for maximum strength he can have to save her. He promise to do everything good, and with all his strength he pulled her up. As she came up and when she finally find a reason to live, he slipped from the roof and fell down... And died.. Saving her.