• abbaaliyarima 6w

    Freaky love

    *they told me that perfection exist within pages of a paper*
    *I look at her body and took a glance beyond her soul*
    *and I saw perfection existing in each curve of her body*
    *they once told me that only the moon shines Bright*
    *but her charming eyes are more brighter*
    *captivated and enchanted by her succulent voice*
    *entangled in the cave of love*
    *confused inbetween love and reality*
    *she's a goddess, she's a enchantress, a sorcerer*
    *her lips, and her curve body makes her irresistible*
    *can't wait for her to put her vampire teeths on the soft skin of my neck*
    *moaning to the pain of her bite*
    *squeezing her waist to the intense pleasure*
    *as I breath out my soul out, I collapse on her hands dead*