• poemlove 22w

    One day

    Maybe it's ok to find your life miserable sometimes, maybe it's alright to make mistakes sometimes.
    Maybe it's ok to be bad sometimes and maybe be it's ok to be lost too.
    Maybe it's fine to be weak and scared also.
    But this all must end someday, one day, to realise the best that you can be, the strength you can have and the innocence, that no matter what, you always had and still do.
    And you can realise all this, just by looking at yourself, not with your eyes, but the people's, who love you and the people's, whom you do.
    Do it once and you'll see, your scars turning into your marks of bravery, your wrinkles into signs of beauty, your tears into the script of a powerful story and your life into a gift from paradise.