• dreamstar 6w


    In my journey with God,
    I have gone through at least several different stages in understanding the plan that the almighty God has created for us.
    At each state you realize the particular understandings that he has put in the Scriptures I have interpreted the entire word of God by the same level of understandings. There is only one key too knowing God,
    some part of Christianity has a key;
    the key is scriptures there are also different levels of baptism holy ghost,
    and fire
    speaking in tongues is one of the wonderful gifts of the spirit it's a gift to learn to speak in the wonderful language of the almighty Lord up above and it's also a miracle.
    I have discerned that I have come too the final key,
    for I have the understanding that God is the Alpha and the Omega.
    This is the way to God and I am glad that I get to share my wonderful experience with y'all