• mentalhydra 10w

    I hold my breath ...

    I hold my breath, across the hordes of many
    I still see
    My past and what it could be
    please hold on

    Because I have to thank me
    When it's past tense I am broken
    Into the oblivion
    Of the black hole of my heart!

    I hold my breath
    For times that are better
    And I will die
    Before the time is through for apathy

    I blame me
    To the contribution of my hate to the masses!
    We hold ourselves responsible for our retribution and payment

    I hold my breath
    As a thousand payments of karma ring up in my very blood
    Now I'm sick
    Just like

    I'm not the one who started this fight
    But I will endure, I will rage on into the infinity
    The dark purity
    Of my heart

    I hold my breath... For better days
    For much a sentence in my soul
    Yes a spell

    I hold my breath
    For the species that can not
    I know I would want