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    Me Before You is a must watch movie. Its a really touching movie

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    Me Before You

    A beautiful, emotional, captivating movie about a young man, Will Traynor, who lived life to his fullest like there was no tomorrow. His life now drastically changed after being hit by a motorbike and paralysed. Feeling dead already he takes on the decision to end his life. His mom hires a young lady, Louisa Clark (Lou), to care for him in the hope that she will lighten his life and change his mind about ending his life.
    Lou a bubbly, young, outspoken, clumsy, funny and oddly dressed character awes Will. He is really taken by her true and bubbly nature while she is taken by the way he lived his life. She goes all out to show him that even he can still enjoy life. He has the time of his life, feeling alive all over again.
    She does not change his mind about ending his life but she made the last months of his life worth living while at the same time it changed her life.
    The one thing that was stopping her from living her dream was finance and Will left her enough money to pursue her dreams and advice to go out there and live boldly.
    Me Before You is basically about how their lifes were before meeting other and how they changed and impacted on each others lives.