• pacifierpunch 51w

    I am a malestrom
    rising from vivid hues
    of pain writhing in dungeons
    of skewed heart, meandering
    out from blood stripped gateways
    of muted eyes, creating ripples
    in enormity of skies, stirring vibrations
    in inanimate depths of stagnating oceans
    thawing frozen souls of proses,
    igniting fizzling sparks, and resurrecting
    semblance of ruins all along.

    Only if my desires could be hypnotized
    Only if my wanderlust could be paused
    Only if my echoes could be subsumed
    Only if my quandaries could be unfastened

    There would be comfort of content in dewy
    breaths unfettered.
    There would be a resplendent place called home, undisputed.
    There would be breathtaking silence of
    happiness unexpressed.
    There would be a breakthrough of horizons
    And, neither would be my journey tempestuous vortexing into chaos
    Nor, I would have ever been abysmally lost.