• niaramlal 5w


    One day I woke up, not in my bed but on the floor . The place was beautiful as it looked as if I was in heaven. Some seconds after I saw a white beautiful angel appear . " Hello Elena I am your guide" said the angel. After I had realised that it was not a dream I said kindly" can you show me around" . After a little bit he said follow me. As we walked down the bright corridor we entered the first room. " My child this is the receiving room". Confused I then asked what happened in the receiving room. An angel then came up to me and said this room I where we collect god children's prayers and wishes. I then understood and my guide showed me to the second room in there , it had a lot of angels. My guide then said that it was the sorting and granting room. He then explained that it was where the angels sort the wishes and grant them. Soon we headed of to the third room where an only angel sat sadly on a chair. " Why isn't this room filled with lots of angels" I asked. The angel in the chair bent his head and said this is our acknowledgement room where people give thanks to God for grating their wishes. My guide then said that when everyone's whishes are granted they don't care to give thanks so that why it is so empty.