• raghavbumb 23w

    Do you regret any decison that you made?

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    1.Dated a woman I shouldn't have because I actually deserved someone better.

    2.Spent a lot of time thinking and caring about stuff which didn't even deserve slightest of my attention. Thinking just makes everything worse than it really is.

    3.Told my parents about my girlfriend because even now they ask me “how's she?”

    4.Stopped believing in myself because I didn't get into an IIT.

    5.Surrounded myself with a lot of fake friends.

    6.Letting her go.

    7.Neglected friends/family when I was in relationship.

    8.Cared about what others will say (log kya kahenge).

    9.Listened to bullshit advices of my guy friends when they said “Girls are like train. They come and go. Don't feel about your breakup. Date some other girl.”

    10.Hurting myself physically because of a failed relationship.

    11.Trusting people too easily.

    12.Not enjoyed enough during my college life because I was too serious about career and her.

    13.That's a part of maturing. You make mistakes and you learn from them.