• princeskhanhusna 24w


    Frm d 1st day Hii..
    To d 2nd day laughng fr being punished together..
    Frm d 3rd day chal samosa khate hai
    To d nth day test kaisa huwa ??
    To d nth+1 day tension maat le sab theek hojaiga
    To d nth +nth day mein tere saath hoon
    To d nth +nth +1 day Jaan alag clg hai toh kya huwa..saath hain phir bhi
    To d nth +nth+nth day Teri himmat kaise hui mujhe ignore karne ki
    To d nth +nth +nth +nth day Tu aaja Jaan milne bohat yaad Aarahi hai
    To d nth +nth + nth +nth+nth day Jaldi se nashta taiyar rak bohat bhuklagi hai rastai mein hoon
    To d nth +nth+nth+nth +nth +1 day Oye moti sunn tu meri bestie hai so b away frm others warna teri khair nahi...
    To d nth+nth+..........+nth day Yaar maaf karde hoon to teri bestie na teri tarah thodi kam akhal hai !