• shawn1998 6w

    Devil Cry

    We have are demon around us
    We sin a lot is because are mistrust or lust
    The feeling and thrill creep in the back are neck or in are gust
    What with the drama is he rampaging of conflict when ashes goes to dust
    Hell imprisoned the soul of lost people
    When we go or we leave their never will be a sequel
    Til death do us part we have find are self
    Is it okay that demon hit us below the belt
    Hell freezes through coldest of night the chill is what I felt
    Passion for are fellow man is promise to good cause
    The effect is what gone or lost
    To conquered it all us as human being won the fought
    Through god witness he see are thought
    We learned something new all the time that what make are knowledge launch
    The devil exist and it evil thread when it taunt
    Laugh in all are face when we fall viticm of sorrow
    Today is a new sunshine of celebration for the tomorrow
    Punishment catches up to you when were wrong
    Every tune switch differently in each song
    A line on are hand is the life spam that we live short or long
    I wish not be ghost in my appearance when I gone
    The right way for good will be excellent in are goal to thrive
    Through low and high it a long road to drive
    This torment in my soul cause of my life
    The feeling is pain a feel that seen kinda of dry
    Win or lose should we all at least try
    Tear after tear we all need a guide
    We feed are soul with the bible that what make the devil cry